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Professional Traffic Systems is a unique third party logistics provider in the sense that it is one of the few companies that offers the best of both worlds.  Our team of highly trained professionals offers a wide variety of services and technical support that one might find in a large transportation firm while at the same time provides the type of personal service that customers look for from a smaller, employee owned company.

Currently Professional Traffic Systems conducts over 600 transactions per month for over 250 customers using the resources of over 1000 carriers.  These numbers allow for leverage in terms of pricing and maximizing of equipment’s earning potential.  PTS maintains a centralized dispatch-nervous system that facilitates direct
communication with literally thousands of drivers at any given moment.

From the point of quotation, on through the actual delivery of product, Professional Traffic Systems monitors every detail… so you don’t have to.  Although pricing and availability are primary concerns, long lasting relationships are based on service.  PTS ‘s dedication to quality service takes into account the needs of your customers by investigating their receiving hours, notification needs, and other pertinent information